Log your Blood Pressure

The application for the control of your blood pressure designed and developed by a hypertensive person like you. With BLogPressure you will have the opportunity to analyze the trend of your blood pressure and how this is influenced by your daily routine.

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User data will be displayed in a very intuitive view that instantly provides the trend of your blood pressure.


Trend analysis

Graphs and trend analysis allow you to understand which habits, behaviors and nutrition affect the pressure trend.



BlogPressure offers extensive possibilities for data export and reporting, allowing you to import data into a spreadsheet or produce a pdf report directly from the application and share it with your doctor.



In the settings tab you can enter user preferences, the list of medicines used to control hypertension and a list of tags to associate with each measurement.

Analisys and statistics

Through the app you can associate medicines and labels for each measurement. Tags represent events, actions, foods, anything that can relate your lifestyle to your blood pressure. In this way BlogPressure will not only be a useful tool for tracking the trend of your pressure but through graphs and statistics it will allow the user to understand which behaviors have improved or worsened its own health.

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your measurement history will be easily accessible.