Log your Blood Pressure



Once the application has been downloaded from the store (Apple or Android), the application does not require any particular settings to be used. At the first start, data and statistics cannot be displayed, for this you need to enter some measurements, therefore assuming a daily pressure value entry, after three days it will be possible to see the trending charts.


settings User card
Here is possible to insert some user data as gender, age, the list of user drugs and tags. Both  (drugs, tags) entered in the settings will be select-able on the measurement add page of each measurement. Tags are a very important setting because they allow the user to associate actions, food, mood, sport, etc. at each measurement. They are configurable as Tags are a personal stuff and allow the user to understand what habits affects blood pressure.

Card Data handling
BLogPressure allows to manage stored data easily. With Share report a report is created and shared as pdf with the list of user's measurements (month, three months, year) and charts showing the trend. This report can be shared with your doctor.

With Export database will be created and shared a list of measurements in "csv" format, this document format is suitable to be imported into a spreadsheet and allows the user to create its own formulas and statistics for process data.

With Backup you can export and share a backup of the whole database in json format. With this feature you can copy your data to another dovice or account. For example when IOS version will be available ( as soon as possible) with backup it will be possible backup from Android and Restore from IOS and viceversa.

 Restore (PRO) allow to restore a previously saved backup

Import from iHealth®  allow to import pressure measurements from iHealth export file.

Initialization database delete all data from the database. Before use this  option is recommended to backup data.

Pro Version

BLogPressure is a "Freemium" application which means that is free but in this case not all features are available and parts of the screen are used by advertisement banner.
The pro version allows you to use all the available features without annoying banner.

Data entry

input drugs  BLogPressure provide a  data entry form very simple and intuitive.
Weight and tags are also fundamental elements because they are useful in the graphical analysis section. For example is possible to relate weight and pressure, as the weight (and in particular the abdominal fat) significantly affects the pressure values.
It's possible access to "Data entry" card by:
- from main menu "insertion tab" allow  to insert a new measurement;
- from the "history" screen it's possible to select and edit a specific measurement.

History of measurement

This screen allow you to scroll and view all measurements in order of insertion date starting from the most recent.
Measurements made during the same day come grouped together in the same section.
Each line provides date, time, systolic, diastolic pressure, beat and quantity of drugs and tags inserted.
The last two icons on each line allow you to modify or cancel a measurement.

Summary and Analysis

home select_tags graphThe summary and analysis tab provides a picture of the state of your health, about  user hypertension.

Analisy range

By the "Week", "Month", "Three months", "Year" buttons you can select the time range of the average values and of the trending charts.

Data filtering: Tag (pro)

Using the "filter data" button, you can select the tags which were previously entered in the user settings and associated with measurements.
In this way only measurements that include selected tags will be involved for the analysis . The usefulness of this tool is to check if some virtuous attitudes, represented by tags, are positively affecting on the trend of blood pressure values.

Average values

A Pie chart show average values related to pressure zones.


Three charts show the trend of systolic pressure, diastolic and beating. These charts display the data in the selected range and filtered according to the labels selected. Activating the "weight" button in the graphical options It is possible to display on the graphs an additional line that represents the weight in this way it is possible to relate the weight to the blood pressure.